About Us

Hi, my name is Hudson and thanks for stopping by. I have a deep passion for creating a positive impact in the world. I want to be a part of something purposeful that combines my love for coffee and my desire to give people jobs. CAB Coffee is a coffee company dedicated to changing the world one cup at a time. CAB stands for Cooper and Brooke. Cooper is my brother and Brooke is my cousin who are both individuals on the Autism spectrum. These two have had tremendous impacts on my life in various ways. They challenge me to listen more intentionally to people. They remind me, that every person deserves a chance to have a voice. As they both have gotten older, it has been harder and harder for them to find work. Not many companies are willing to hire someone with varying disabilities. CAB seeks to help change that. We want to be a company that partners with all people, to provide training and experience to adults so that they may thrive in this world.